Ordering Info

You want to order plants? Awesome! Here are common questions that can help you understand our ordering and shipping processes. Still confused?? It’s ok; it’s a lot to take in. Give us a call…we will give you all the details and answer your questions along the way.


What is your shipping season?

We live in Texas, it’s hot! We might also have a few greenhouses to help when it decides to get cold for a couple of hours. 😉  That means we ship ALL YEAR long. With the exception of the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.  And that’s mostly because we just love to eat and watch football.


What kind of lead time do you need?

If you see it our on open availability you can have it by next week if you place your order by Wednesday of the week prior. More interested in something not readily available? We do that too! All orders will be subject to availability when placed.


What do all those letters mean on your availability?

TC-Tissue Culture





What is the minimum order?

Five trays….5 trays fit perfectly in 1 box. We would love for you to order more, 72 trays fit perfectly on 1 pallet!


What is the box charge?

Our cases hold  five trays and a $18.00 box charge applies for each case.

There is also a $17.50 layer box charge for pallet boxes (anything over 30 trays, 1 layer holds 6 trays, 12 layers per pallet).

Confused yet?? We will go over all box charges with you when you place the order.


Will I need a Phytosanitary Certificate?

Well let’s see…do you live in the following states: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah or Washington? If so, the bad news is that you are going to have to pay $10.00 for the certificate…the good news is that yes, you do live there…those are awesome states!

Outside of the United States…well that’s even cooler…but that’s going to stick you with a $150.00 federal phytosanitary certificate.

Yeah we know…rules, rules, rules!


What are your shipping methods?

FedEx, FedEx Freight, Air Freight, Grower’s Truck, Brokered Truck or Customer Pick Up.

Bottom line…we will get it to you some how, some way!


What are your freight charges?

Always about the fees isn’t it? Freight will be prepaid by Magnolia Gardens Nursery and billed on each invoice unless requested otherwise. Freight is charged at cost…because we believe things should be fair.


What are your payment methods?

All accounts are prepaid unless terms with Magnolia Gardens Nursery have been established. All major credit cards accepted. Processing fees applied when using a credit card.


Do you offer Volume Discounts?

All accounts are reviewed on an annual basis. Discounts are given based on purchases made the year prior or if to customer’s advantage, year to date purchases. Have we mentioned yet how much we love you and your business? Here is the breakdown:

$3,000 purchased per year = 5% discount

$7,500 purchased per year = 10% discount

$20,000 purchased per year = 15% discount (Who doesn’t like VIP status?)


What is your claims process?

Well this isn’t a fun topic but hey, it happens. Box and contents arrived and the carrier did not pay close attention to all those arrows telling them which way to keep the box? We do appreciate and require that all claims due to freight damage be reported within 24 hours of receiving your plants. Please make sure to take pictures to document the damage to further assist in the claim. Claims due to shortages much be reported within 48 hours of receipt. Shortage claims reported after 48 hours will not be honored. When available, replacement plants will be shipped. Magnolia Gardens Nursery is not responsible for loss of plant material after 48 hours of receipt. All orders are shipped at customer’s risk. Magnolia Gardens  is not responsible for plants damaged in transit. Customer is responsible for filing a claim with the carrier, Magnolia Gardens will be happy to assist with the claims process. 

What is your cancellation policy?

No turning back! Once and order has been placed and confirmed, it  cannot be canceled. These are tissue culture plants, your order is placed into lab production immediately. Plants on open availability cannot replace an existing order.

Can you tell me more about your special pricing?

Specials, are well, special! Sometimes we are long on an item or unfortunately we are not going to carry it anymore or maybe they’re on special because we are feeling super nice. Whatever the reason may be, that pricing only applies to items ready to ship and that are going to be shipped in the very near future. They do not apply to future bookings or existing orders. Special offers can not be combined. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could? Maybe one day we will have a special that lets you combine our specials.