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Dietes (Morea) iriodoides Butterfly Iris

Simple, versatile, and stunning! These exotic white flowers with yellow and purple-blue markings burst from tall stalks amid strong, sword-like mounds of evergreen leaves. A profuse bloomer in the Spring and Summer, the dainty flowers of this Iris may last only one day but are quickly replaced.This gorgeous perennial is easy to maintain and fits into virtually […]

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Agapanthus x ‘Elaine’

Agapanthus Elaine is a head turner with its dark blue-violet flowers that form in a sphere at the end of tall slender stalks. The bell-shaped blooms appear primarily in the late spring, and intermittedly throughout the summer. This Agapanthus has a robust evergreen foliage, and somewhat drought tolerant once established.

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Tulbaghia ‘Society Garlic’

  The flowers are lilac in color and the plant will bloom from midsummer to early fall. This fast-growing plant gives off a garlic scent and has been said to help rid gardens of moles and other pests. Tulbaghia violacea is incredibly versatile and adaptable, making it perfect for borders, rock gardens or large containers. This heat tolerant evergreen […]

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Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Prostratus’

A favorite for any herb garden or wide open space. This hardy, fast-growing evergreen shrub has a creeping and low growing habit. Creeping Rosemary will trail over walls, spill elegantly over the edge of raised beds and containers, or fill an empty space as beautiful groundcover. Its leaves are dark green, leathery and very aromatic, […]

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Lantana ‘Chapel Hill Yellow’ PPAF

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana is an exceptional hybrid plant with the habit of “New Gold” and the cold hardiness of “Miss Huff” Lantana. It has leathery dark green foliage and clusters of medium yellow flowers that bloom from Spring to Autumn. With a versatile low spreading habit it can grow to 18″ tall and 36″ wide, it […]

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Echinacea ‘Pow Wow White’

Pow Wow White is a total knock out! It’s bright white petals are extra wide and surround a large golden yellow cone. They forms a neat, compact mound with sturdy upright stems from early spring well into late summer. This plant is incredibly adaptable to most humidity and heat conditions. No garden is complete without […]

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Echinacea ‘Magnus’

An amazingly vibrant, daisy-like flowers that bloom from midsummer into early autumn. Its prominent, dark orange central cones are surrounded by large flat petals in rose-purple hues, reaching up to 7 in across! This is the perfect no fuss bloom for a summer garden, as it is heat and drought tolerant. The Magnus Coneflower will fit […]

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Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ Wendy’s Wish Sage PPAF

The plant that is on everyone’s wish list! Vivid magenta tubular flowers with fluted tips will burst from maroon stems in late Spring until Fall. It’s glossy foliage and a compact, slightly open habit makes this evergreen shrub perfect for border plantings, perennial beds and patio containers. Wendy’s Wish can reach 4 ft tall and […]

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Hesperaloe parvifolia . Red Yucca

This long blooming, great looking succulent is incredibly adaptable and virtually maintenance free. It’s amazingly drought tolerant AND cold hardy to Zone 5, making it perfect for any landscape!  Red Yucca’s foliage forms in fountaining clumps of thin, dark green leaves, with a spread of 3 feet. The beautiful flower stalks can grow to be 5 feet […]

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Festuca ovina var. glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ Blue Fescue

The eye catching icy blue coloration to this clumping ornamental grass holds up even through the summer heat. Elijah Blue is perfectly suited for edging borders or mass planting as a groundcover. It’s especially drought tolerant once established. This unique grass is topped by upright flower plumes in the summer.

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