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Equisetum hyemale Horsetail Reed

 This extraordinary shrub, with a very vertical growth habit, tolerates an extremely wide range of soils and will grow in up to 4” of standing water. Horsetail reed can spread to form large colonies if given the space. Its evergreen stalks are cylindrical, hollow, with tiny leaves joining together around stem. This reed is a […]

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Cordyline australis ‘Red Sensation’ Red Sensation Cordyline

Looking for a landscape stunner? This fast growing shrub is a great focal point for gardens with its purple- burgundy leaves and upright, fanning growth habit. In the right conditions Red Sensation can grow to a massive 25 feet tall with a 10 foot spread, bringing height and texture to any area it’s planted. These […]

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Aloe ‘Blue Elf’ Blue Elf Aloe

A small but tough hybrid aloe perfect for tight spaces! Narrow, upright leaves of blue-gray contrast nicely with spikes of orange blooms. This low maintenance succulent thrives in poor soil and is perfect for rock gardens, water-wise borders or containers that need a wow factor. The foliage tips of Blue Elf may have a reddish […]

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Agave ‘Blue Glow’

This smaller agave sports blue green leaves with a superb red edging that only looks better when highlighted by backlighting the plant in afternoon sun. The margins are spineless but this Agave has a terminal spine at the end of each leaf. ‘Blue Glow’ is a slow grower and keeps to its self with a […]

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Agave ‘Blue Flame’

Agave ‘Blue Flame’ is a beautiful clumping, hybrid agave that brings a tropical feel to any landscape. Rosettes of glaucous blue-green foliage resemble a blue gas flame, with gracefully incurved leaf tips. This solitary grower has flexible leaves with finely serrate margins and terminal spine. Blue Flame with make a striking contrast in any garden!

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Agapanthus orientalis ‘PMN06’ Queen Mum Agapanthus PPAF

An eye-catching Agapanthus to rule them all! This stunning large stalk with white and blue dual colored, trumpet shaped flower heads is perfect for any setting. The clusters bloom in summer, and are complemented by glossy green strap like foliage. Queen Mum can grow a massive 4 ft tall stalk with a spread of 2 […]

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Agapanthus africanus ‘Improved Peter Pan’ Peter Pan Dwarf Lily of the Nile

Create a garden fit for a fairy tale with Agapanthus Improved Peter Pan! These sturdy stalks bearing large rounded clusters of blue trumpet shaped flowers from the clumps of glossy, medium green foliage. The strap like leaves grow to about 12 inches tall with flower stalks 18 inches or taller. The Agapanthus Improved Peter Pan is one […]

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