Equisetum hyemale Horsetail Reed


Equisetum hyemale is a bog or water garden plant that has a very vertical growth habit so it looks very nice in Japanese style gardens and in mixed containers. This plant will grow 3-4′ tall and spread through underground rhizomes and can become invasive because of this. This is still a great plant for certain situations such as for areas that are always soggy so that nothing else will grow and for harsh urban areas such as along sidewalks and building walls. If planted in an area where you do not want it to spread we suggest planting in a container before putting it into the ground to prevent its spread. Horsetail Reed has jointed evergreen hollow stems that are siliceous and have been used as scouring brushes to clean things such as kitchen utensils. This is an ancient plant from the Paleozoic era and does not produce seeds but spores from a cone-shaped strobilis that grows at the stem tips.

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