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Propagation/Greenhouse Manager Magnolia Gardens Nursery Liner Division – Magnolia, TX

Job Description

Share your passion for growing through managing and training your direct reports.
• By every action and inaction you must lead, motivate and mentor every person to be highly motivated and productive individually and as a team.
• Manage with best Propagation, Production/Growing practices, superior plant knowledge, high performance, accountability and profitability.
• Must be able to lead and teach every aspect of Propagation, Production/Growing including moving, pruning, scheduling, specifications, spacing, environment, climate, IPM and application of pesticides and fertilizers.
• Motivate your direct reports to develop and improve their Propagation skills and the quality of the plants produced.
• Lead by example demonstrating high regard for safety, professionalism, integrity, fairness, positive attitude and positive corporate culture.
• Lead by analyzing and implementing permanent solutions and long-term improvements rather than quick fixes.

This is a “roll up your sleeves” position requiring best Propagation, Production/Growing practices, early identification and resolution of potential issues, accurate diagnosing health/damage issues. You will be involved in every aspect of Propagation, Production and Growing a finished healthy plug to be delivered to the customer in a cost effective manner.
• 100% responsible for hands on management of Propagation including growing plants, supervising/managing up to 15 people and managing maintenance/upkeep of all Propagation facilities.
• Propagation Manager will be responsible for working closely with the sales team to make sure all orders booked are planted for on time delivery.
• Responsible for stock plant planning, managing and maintaining stock plants to ensure the maximum of high quality cuttings.
• Assist in projecting inventory needs and maintaining inventory accuracy based upon budgets, projections and directives.
• Improve and streamline production with use of new technology, production models and new techniques when required. Meet or exceed customer expectations.
• Maintain care schedule and detailed records on all aspects of Propagation and Production/Growing including specifications, schedules, pests, diseases, use of chemicals, and environmental controls.
• Observe and report on crop progress and make recommendations to improve future production planning control.
• Keep track of and report on all inventory items and movements including transfers, scraps, new plantings and all other aspects of inventory control.
• Continually improve efficiency and cost effectiveness

Job Requirements

Must be knowledgeable about plants for best Propagation, Production/Growing practices, early identification and resolution of potential issues, accurate diagnosing health/damage issues; developing processes and procedures to resolve issues permanently.
• Research new treatments and growing protocols.
• Must be constantly inquiring about the latest production techniques to ensure use of relevant methods and technology.
• Must be willing to try new, untested or unverified production techniques in consultation with the Research Manager. Research will include internet, trade publications, scientific journals, peer advice, and on site experimentation.
Education and/or Experience:
• A minimum of five (5) years of successful experience as a Propagation Manager in a Greenhouse Propagation Operation; stable work history and proven success in all aspects of growing healthy, high quality plants.
• Strong plant knowledge must include fertility, health, irrigation, growing to specification, chemicals and greenhouse environment management.
• Strong Propagation skills including processes and procedures and cost control.
• Strong management skills to preserve and expand knowledge of existing highly motivated workforce.
• Strong problem solving skills – track record of identifying and resolving issues with long term successful solutions.
• Spanish speaking would be a big plus.