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Callistemon citrinus ‘Little John’ Dwarf Bottlebrush

Callistemon citrinus ‘Little John’ is a slow growing evergreen shrub from Australia. The lanced shaped foliage is blue-green with a fuzzy texture on the new growth. From spring to summer the tips of the stiff branches are covered with flower terminals, these flowers have long crimson colored stamens giving them that “bottlebrush” look, hence the common […]

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Nandina domestica ‘Twilight’ PP 26,025

They are cold hardy and evergreen all year, but they are much more than just green! Icy white colors will intensify in Winter months, and will turn to a pink glow with the Spring. These stunning colors will shine in a

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Dietes (Morea) iriodoides Butterfly Iris

Simple, versatile, and stunning! These exotic white flowers with yellow and purple-blue markings burst from tall stalks amid strong, sword-like mounds of evergreen leaves. A profuse bloomer in the Spring and Summer, the dainty flowers of this Iris may last only one day but are quickly replaced.This gorgeous perennial is easy to maintain and fits into virtually […]

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Lantana ‘Chapel Hill Yellow’ PPAF

Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana is an exceptional hybrid plant with the habit of “New Gold” and the cold hardiness of “Miss Huff” Lantana. It has leathery dark green foliage and clusters of medium yellow flowers that bloom from Spring to Autumn. With a versatile low spreading habit it can grow to 18″ tall and 36″ wide, it […]

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Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ Homestead Purple Verbena

One of the earliest flowering perennials we know! Homestead Purple grows to 3 ft wide and 1 ft tall and is topped with a mass of bright purple blooms.  The flowers will appear from early Spring to frost, while the scalloped leaves remain a  deep green all year. This Verbena is another variety that spills and […]

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Verbena ‘Homestead Carpet Red’ Homestead Carpet Red Verbena

Carpet Red is a showstopper! Spectacular red flowers in rounded clusters rise on short stems above ground hugging, green foliage. This plant has an extraordinary bloom season, producing that bright red color from early March to frost in some regions. It will trail over beautifully from hanging baskets and containers, as well as spread out […]

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Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ Wendy’s Wish Sage PPAF

The plant that is on everyone’s wish list! Vivid magenta tubular flowers with fluted tips will burst from maroon stems in late Spring until Fall. It’s glossy foliage and a compact, slightly open habit makes this evergreen shrub perfect for border plantings, perennial beds and patio containers. Wendy’s Wish can reach 4 ft tall and […]

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Salvia leucantha ‘Santa Barbara’ Compact Mexican Bush Sage P.P. #12,949

A dwarf form of the popular Mexican Sage bush, Santa Barbara only grows to only 2 ft tall. The flowers are made up of velvety purple whorls with extended lavender petals, extending 1 ft at the branch tips. These flowers grow well above the foliage and can bloom Spring until frost. Sant Barbara makes a […]

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Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’ Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass is a beautiful ornamental grass that can provide texture and color to your landscape. It stands out from the crowd with its purple or burgundy colored foliage and soft, fuzzy blooms. It grows in tufts with a 2 to 3 foot spread, and its bold foxtail plumes can grow to 36 inches tall. It […]

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Nassella (Stipa) tenuissima Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican Feather Grass is delicate, graceful and sways gently with the slightest breeze. The grass grows in a dense fountain like clump with slender bright green leaves, and in the summer the grass will flower. It is extremely drought tolerant and can grow 1-3 feet in height. Mexican Feather Grass can make a beautiful texture contrast with […]

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